Radiology Partners - An HonorCare Success Story Featured

Our team recently sat down with Aaron Maier, Database Analyst at Radiology Partners, to discuss the results he has seen after offering patients HonorCare. 

Radiology Partners is a multi-state hospital-based practice in El Segundo, CA, with more than 350 radiologists serving approximately 280 hospitals and outpatient centers nationwide. They offer diagnostic and interventional radiology services, with on-site and remote leads by local radiologists. Rad Partners have been offering their patients HonorCare as an affordable patient payment plan since 2015. 

Once HonorCare was implemented into their billing process, Rad Partners saw results right away. It streamlined payment processes for the company and allowed them to collect more, while saving patients money and making it easier for them to pay their medical bills in a way that's convenient for them. 

"It's seamless to the end-user. [Patient] payments automatically post into the system so the [patient] doesn't have to do anything. It saves [my team] time from creating new processes, and that's a huge cost-saver for us. We're collecting more and patients are saving money and time." 

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Jenna Tropea

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